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Enduro Carbon

Enduro Carbon

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 MTSM Components in South Africa manufactures Yama's carbon rims. We're proud of the quality of the finish, the strength of the product, and the comprehensive crash replacement policy on offer. 

- MTSM Enduro Rims (30mm internal), front and rear
- Yama Titanium Ratchet Hubs, 12x148mm and 15x110mm
- 32 Hole Rear, 28 Hole Front for best balance of strength, weight and compliance.
- Sapim Race spokes at the rear and Sapim D-Light spokes at the front for balance.
- Locking black brass nipples for longevity

About our Rims

Built by hand in Sydney by the team at Raild, Australia's premier wheelbuilders. 

Wheels handbuilt by Raild do not de-tension unless the rims are damaged. Meticulous attention to even spoke tensions, prestressing wheels multiple times during the build, and the use of locking nipples ensures this. 


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