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Yama Wheels

We Are One Revolution Carbon Wheelset

We Are One Revolution Carbon Wheelset

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- We Are One Revolution Carbon rims
- Yama hubs w/ Titanium Freehub
- Pillar Double Butted PB1415 spokes at the rear and DB PB1416 spokes at the front for balancing weight and strength
- Locking Sapim black brass nipples for longevity
- 2x Yama High-Flow Insert-Ready Black Valves

All We Are One wheelsets come with a lifetime, no-questions-asked crash replacement policy. You smash a rim, they hand you a new one. 

Built by hand in Sydney by the team at Raild, Australia's premier wheelbuilders. 

Wheels by Raild are hand built with meticulous attention to even spoke tensions. We prestress wheels multiple times during the build. This, in conjunction with locking nipples, ensures your wheels stay strong, tight and true.

You do not need to have your wheels tightened after a few rides - they're good to go. 

Weights (6 Bolt, Boost, Unions front and rear)

29" - 1795 Grams
Mullet - 1772 Grams
27.5" - 1752 Grams

For Strife, +80g each rim
For Faction, -70g each rim

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