Maintenance, Bearing, and Wheelbuilding


Yama hubs use a ratchet mechanism, and as such require very little maintenance.

Just like with all hubs, we recommend against high-pressure washing around the endcaps either side of your hubs. 

Cleaning and re-greasing the ratchets + freehub comprises the recommended routine maintenance. 

To do this, or if you wish to make the freehub quieter, Dumonde Tech Pro X Freehub Grease is recommended. Thinly apply between ratchets. 

How to access ratchet + freehub

Watch video here


MTB Front: 2x 6903
MTB Rear HG + XD: 4x 6902
MTB Rear Micro: 3x 6902, 1x 6802
Road Front + Rear: 6x 6902

Yama hubs use the highest quality bearings from TPI Taiwan, and we sell them at wholesale price here


Erase Components, our manufacturer, has a hub dimensions chart here. All Yama hubs are V2

Hub dimensions chart here